Sending From a PC


Sending From Your Phone

Enter the name and number of the person that you would like to send recharge load to.

send screen 01


Pick an amount to send and give us the name that will appear with the recharge load.

send screen 02


That's it. Your recharge load is sent.

send screen 03



Send Now

Sending via SMS available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Send 01163

Send your message to Aryty at shortcode.

Text: <send> + < recipient's mobile number>


Remember: Send your text message to Aryty -- not your friend's mobile number.


To snd to 152225512 rply w/204 letter

You will receive a message from Aryty with a unique ID...

...And a choice of 4 amounts of credit.


204 b

To snd to 152225512 rply w/204 letter


Thank you! Transaction 55434 complete. View your account history at

Thats it!

We'll confirm we got the message.

Your friend or family will receive the recharge load almost instantly.

Send Now
Aryty does not charge any fees for sending a request from the Site or by SMS. However, the person you are requesting from will incur standard usage charges from their mobile carrier for receiving requests via SMS.

To prevent incoming text messages from Aryty send a text message with any of the following keywords: "BLOCK," "END," "STOP," "QUIT," "CANCEL" OR "UNSUBSCRIBE" to 314-227-9894.